You did the hard work and found the person of your dreams.
Allow Mitch to make a lifetime together a reality.



You're a busy person trying to marry the wo/man of your dreams. Mitch specializes in working with you to make the process as simple and painless as possible. From custom vows to a beautiful location, let us make your marriage memorable.


So you want to get married but don't want to break the bank? Let Mitch help you plan a beautiful wedding or simple marriage ceremony that is both cost effective and memorable. This should be a day to remember, not a debt to be repaid.


Are you looking for something traditional? Perhaps you'd like a little spunk in your wedding. Whatever you're looking for, Mitch can help you find it. We will work together to make your marriage or wedding memorable and unique to you.

Are you a student at the Defense Language Institute looking for a DLI wedding? Allow Mitch to assist you with marrying the love of your life! Mitch specializes in DLI weddings / Defense Language Institute weddings and is committed to providing you with excellent service at an incredible price. Contact Mitch today!

An Excellent Price for the Perfect Day


When you enlist Mitch for any task, he is determined to do it in the most efficient way possible. In this case, that means by saving you money without sacrificing on the important things. Allow Mitch to provide the perfect experience for your wedding, marriage, or elopement for a fantastic price.


If you're looking for the incredible pricing for your perfect day, look no further!
Officiate: $150*
*For DLI Students: $100
Write Custom Vows: $30
Provide Witnesses: $100
File Marriage Certificate: $25
Photography: Inquire
Cinematography: Inquire

Mitch is always expanding his business and this page is subject to grow at any time. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mitch!
Phone: (918) 261-4377